What's your relationship with alcohol?

Do you want to be able to TAKE IT or LEAVE IT?

To no longer rely on a glass of wine to cope with the stresses of life?

You're not an alcoholic & you don't want to cut it out completely.

You just want to be able to drink less.

Well you can. 

I learnt how and I'm going to teach you.

In My FREE training you'll learn:

The reason why we love drinking so much.

The reason why you can't stop over drinking even though you want to.

My steps on how I cut back and how you can too.

And by the way it's not through gritted teeth of using your limited supply of will power.

Learning what LOVE looks like is a life long journey and Rachele has been a HUGE part of that for me this past year.  So far I have shed 12lbs but most important I have connected with a part of me that feels empowered face my fears,  knows that I can do hard things and that I can CHANGE and I am forever grateful.  I am learning so much as I shed old behaviors and replace them with new ones,  and most important I am learning that its ok to FEEL my feelings and that I dont have to do it alone and that even coaches need coaching!!! Thank you is not enough!  LOVE YOU MORE Rachele Summers you are AMAZING!  


Life Coach

What Other Women said about the FREE Course 

This course was so helpful, I realised in lockdown I was looking forward to wine o'clock everyday. It started off with a couple of times a week and then escalated to a drink every night just to take the edge off. This training helped me realise that it was just a habit I'd created for myself and that I could unlearn it.

Emma -  Sales Manager

"A Journey of aThousand Miles Begins with a Single Step"


03. courAGE

Reach for your goals

01. surrender

02. confidence

Release self doubt and  limiting beliefs

Increase trust and belief in yourself, your life and your experiences

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