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Kind Words from clients
on Weightloss, business & life coaching

I have loved my coaching journey with Rachele.  She has challenged, educated, encouraged, listened to and supported me.  I haven't found it all easy but it has been so worth it.  I have been amazed with how many assumptions I was carrying around about eating, how I eat, why I eat, what it means to others and Rachele has helped me to carefully think about each one.

I have tried all sorts of diets in the past with varying short-term success but I realise now that without addressing the deeper issues I have around food, I was never going to get where I wanted to be.

Ms P
Sales Director


Rachele is an amazing coach! I was having drama around growing my business and instead of believing my story that I couldn't possibly start now because of  "all the reasons" Rachele held space for me to share my story but showed me that it was my thinking that was stopping me and not my situation.

Truly, Rachele helps me move toward my goals in every session. She is the perfect coach for me!

Customer Support

I've just loved working with Rachele as my coach. She's helped me so much when I've found myself stuck spinning in my head with life issues that come up day to day as well as with the health goals that I had.

Her coaching had helped me clear my mind, get a better nights sleep with her feng shui suggestions and also have a more positive outlook so that I can work to my full potential in my business.

Thanks so much Rachele!

Former Miss World, Public Figure

As a certified sommelier I really struggled with my love of wine for many years. I knew it was the one habit that needed to change for me to be able to create the life I want, but it was hard to figure out the next steps. Life coaching was really the solution for me. It helped me understand the reasons why I turned to wine in the first place, and how to feel more empowered. Rachele is brilliant at what she does. Her calm, even disposition and exceptional clarity helps you to feel understood but not judged. She understands the habit of overdrinking and exactly how to show you what's driving it. I highly recommend her services.

Professional Sommelier & Life Coach

I feel very fortunate to have found Rachele as my coach. She is excellent, experienced, caring and fun to work with!

Since working together I have more than 5X'd my investment in my business as well as created healthier habits around eating where bored or stressed.

I look forward to all of our sessions and I love her range of expertise and I’m excited to continue working with her knowing that she will help me with areas beyond business (health, food issues, family dramas and much more).

TEDx speaker, Meditation & Video Coach

Working with Rachele as my life coach has been an incredible journey. I honestly had no idea what a life coach was to begin with and it didn’t sound like something I even thought I needed. I could not have prepared myself for what unfolded after even one session. The pure expansion I have experienced in my mindset, attitude and my ability to cope and think differently is astounding.


It’s almost as though places in my brain that were locked down and unable to function have been gently awoken by Rachèle’s kind and compassionate approach to her craft. The beauty of this process for me has been the moments of epiphany in everyday life, outside of the sessions, where I notice all of a sudden that I have been able to catch myself going down an old, unhelpful thought process and re- routing it to find a far more serving outcome.


Those moments have been such amazing light bulbs and have shown me that the work we have done in our sessions has been so valuable to my brain! It truly is so worth investing in for absolutely anybody in my opinion.


I will be forever grateful to Rachèle for touching my life in this way.

The Little Holistic Kitchen, Reiki Practitioner

Rachele helped me refine/re-tune my mindset and access subconscious beliefs that were holding me back. Don't be fooled by her calm disposition, Rachele offers tough love when she needs to and has a ton of knowledge to share - I absorbed every word!


If you're ready to finally break down those blocks, sign up to one of Rachele's coaching programmes asap. 

Founder of Bang Talent

I came to Rachele to achieve my goal weight for my 50th birthday and this was like no other "diet"!

Learning what LOVE looks like is a life long journey and Rachele has been a HUGE part of that for me this past year.  I have connected with a part of me that feels empowered to face my fears, know that I can do hard things and that I can CHANGE and I am forever grateful.  I am learning so much as I shed old behaviours and replace them with new ones,  and most importantly I am learning that its ok to FEEL my feelings and that I dont have to do it alone and that even coaches need coaching!!! Thank you is not enough!  LOVE YOU MORE Rachele Summers you are AMAZING!  


Self Love Coach

Rachele is such a great coach and a pleasure to work with. The weight has steadily been coming off each week.

This isn't the first time I've lost weight but what is different this time is the lack of drama in my head! She had me start right where I was and ease into the changed in a way that made sense for me.

In no time at all my cravings disappeared so there has been no deprivation required

Group Program Coach & Nike Coach

I've been self-coaching for a couple of years and seen some great results. I started to actually like myself and got my anxiety under control for the first time. I started working with Rachèle because I felt unmoored. My life was no longer driven by trying to avoid negative emotions, so what should I do next? What could I achieve if I used the same coaching techniques to go from just surviving to thriving? 


I can honestly say it's been transformational. In a single session with Rachele we unpicked something that I had consciously been grappling with in my self-coaching for 9 months (and dealing with unconsciously for many, many years!) I've learned that I can rest, play, and work - and can also enjoy myself in the process. It's like a pressure that's been with me for years has been lifted, and I am now focusing on truly enjoying everything I've worked so hard to create. 


Rachele operates with compassion for what I'm feeling but also constantly challenges me. She asks incisive questions and won't take "I don't know" for an answer. It's exactly what I needed and I'm really pleased I've been able to work with her. 

Senior Consultant


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