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Rachèle Summers Coaching

Banish Burnout & Start Living


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YOu're a

high achieving

 successful woman


You pride yourself on your strength and getting things things done. But lately you've just not been feeling yourself.

Your zest for life seems to be shrinking and you just cant shake it off, your energy is low and yet you can't sleep at night.

You've tried yoga & meditation to help you feel better & it works, for a bit, but you're longing for something that's going to work long term.


I get it!

I was you, a few years ago, working a full time job, 2 kids and a successful side hustle.

Every thing in my life looked just perfect from the outside.

But on the inside I knew I was was crumbling and I just didn't know why.

After spending a LOT of money on therapy, self help books, OVER - eating, drinking & shopping, wellness retreats & yoga classes, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands & look for a solution to my burnout that would be long lasting & that I COULD CONTROL.

 That's when I found life coaching.

Not just any coaching.

 A method called CAUSAL coaching which would get to the ROOT PROBLEM of my suffering & help me fix it.


I was so blown away by how I was able to completely transform my life and start enjoying daily activities again that I decided to not only certify in this methodology but Advanced Certify.

So I am now an Advanced Certified Life Coach with all the tools I wish I had when I was completely bunt out and I can help you get your life back too


That is why I created:

A 3 step process for high achieving, successful women to go from burnt-out to blissful living.

01. discover

We will shine a light on what's causing your burnout, because AWARENESS

is the 1st step to improvement

Image by Mariana Rascão

02. deprogram

I will teach you how to SELF COACH so that you can dismantle your limiting beliefs & always know how to feel better


03. design

We will create a process to design the next chapter of your life so that it is everything you desire.

"A Journey of aThousand Miles Begins with a Single Step"


You can redesign you mind to create the life you always wanted.

All the time management and self care strategies in the world can’t fix your problems if you don’t learn to see yourself and the world around you differently.

This process to change is permanent, not a quick fix approach.

You will not end up back on the burnout hamster wheel again.

If you're ready to do the inner work then let's talk.


Start with the FREE Burnout to Bliss training 

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