My Job as Your Coach is to Inspire you into Action



Life & Confidence Coach for Women

I help you to create more confidence in yourself so that you go out and get the life you want

If you've never had a coach before think of me as someone you can talk to like a friend. No judgement, with all the answers and with a plan to create a life you love, a business that lights you up and makes money.


  • I'm not going to sympathise with your problems or jump in the pool with you.

  • I'm not going to agree with everything you say. In fact quite the opposite a lot of the time.

  • If you choose to be all in, I guarantee whatever it is you want, you can have it.


There will be no assumptions made, no offence taken no matter what you say to me and we are going to work through this together. I won't let you quit on yourself.

What I WILL give you is the answers.


  • A new way of tackling your day to day issues so you can clear your brain from all the thoughts that are preventing you from living the life you want to live.

  • Choose any goal you want to focus on, show up every day and get the results. My intention is to be the person who will stand for you.

  • Create the relationship you desire, get your dream business, or simply learn how to deal with the in laws when they come to visit.

If you're serious about living the life  you desire rather than just thinking about it, book in a call with me and take the first step to getting this done.


The first one's on me

Stop listening

to your inner critic!

Kind Words

I feel very fortunate to have found Rachele as my coach. She is excellent, experienced, caring and fun to work with!

I look forward to all of our sessions and in just 12 weeks she helped me get out of my head and my resistance thoughts to launch a course i've been dreaming and planning for a while.

Without her help I’d probably still be stuck deciding the course title….

I love her range of expertise and I’m excited to continue working with her knowing that she will help me with areas beyond business (health, food issues, family dramas and much more).


TEDx speaker, Meditation teacher 

Rachele helped me refine/re-tune my mindset and access subconscious beliefs that were holding me back. Don't be fooled by her calm disposition, Rachele offers tough love when she needs to and has a ton of knowledge to share - I absorbed every word!


If you're ready to finally break down those blocks, sign up to one of Rachele's coaching programmes asap. 


Founder of Bang Talent

I'm down 1 stone 2 pounds! Working with Rachele as my life coach has been an incredible journey. I honestly had no idea what a life coach was to begin with and it didn’t sound like something I even thought I needed. I could not have prepared myself for what unfolded after even one session. The pure expansion I have experienced in my mindset, attitude and my ability to cope and think differently is astounding.


It’s almost as though places in my brain that were locked down and unable to function have been gently awoken by Rachèle’s kind and compassionate approach to her craft. The beauty of this process for me has been the moments of epiphany in everyday life, outside of the sessions, where I notice all of a sudden that I have been able to catch myself going down an old, unhelpful thought process and re- routing it to find a far more serving outcome.


Those moments have been such amazing light bulbs and have shown me that the work we have done in our sessions has been so valuable to my brain! It truly is so worth investing in for absolutely anybody in my opinion.


I will be forever grateful to Rachèle for touching my life in this way.


The Little Holistic Kitchen

Rachele is an amazing coach! I was having drama around setting up my business and instead of believing my story that I couldn't possibly start now because of  "all the reasons" Rachele held space for me to share my story but showed me that it was my thinking that was stopping me and not my situation.

Truly, Rachele helps me move toward my goals in every session. She is the perfect coach for me!


Relationship Coach


I' m a Coach Myself and always struggled with my weight. I didn't realise how much my thoughts were holding me back.

I've been on a diet my whole life and this is the first time I've fel in control of food ratehr than the other way round.


Life Coach

"A Journey of aThousand Miles Begins with a Single Step"


01. surrender

02. confidence

03. courAGE

Release self doubt and  limiting beliefs

Increase trust and belief in yourself, your life and your experiences

Reach for your goals

If you want to start consciously creating a life you love contact me to book in a discovery call



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